“The website EGC created for us
exceeded all expectations!”

-Jim Marous, Owner and Publisher of The Digital Banking Report
“Our social media campaign
generates 6-10 leads per week
for our practice!”

– Dr. Albert Franchi, Boston Prolotherapy
“EGC mobilized our entire website in just 3 days and it looks great!” – Aaron Steininger, Owner
Sunlight Housepainting

We manage the digital footprint for clients wanting to effectively and efficiently use the Internet, Websites, Smartphones, Video and Social Media to market their services and products.

The vast majority of websites built over the past three to five years are now dated, challenging to navigate, possess way too much irrelevant information and are barely readable on a Smartphone.

Check out the Mobile Tab on our site to see client examples of before and after mobile website renderings. The difference is dramatic and it’s the definition of a “picture being worth 1,000 words”.

We ask our clients one simple question about their current website. Is your website NFL ready? Does it Navigate easily? Is the Font size easy to read on a Smartphone and finally how quickly does the website Load?

With all businesses first impressions are critical and if your site is challenging to Navigate, has a Font that is so small you need reading glasses or if it takes more than a few seconds to Load, your clients aren’t coming back to your site anytime soon.

Mobile Solution Examples

Another major trend for the internet is the massive explosion of Video. This is being driven by the habits of the two most popular current social media channels on the planet, Facebook and YouTube. These two social media giants support the behavioral trend that more and more people would rather watch and listen and not read copy dense text. This is where our expertise in video comes into play for our clients. We have produced hundreds of videos specifically for internet marketing and business development. Check them out by visiting our YouTube page.

Video Examples: Click here to visit our YouTube Video Channel.

A final consideration for your website is whether or not it was built for Conversion?  What is the action you want potential customers to take once they land on your site?  This is an area where we possess the expertise to help you re-think your conversion strategy. It’s no longer enough to get people to land on either your mobile or your desktop website.  Does your site convert to clients and customers?

Our clients are typically small and medium-sized companies with a number of marketing departments of larger companies working with us to support their internal staff.


“They have really taken care of us as clients–not only are they extremely efficient and timely, it is clear that they think of their clients frequently and make us their priority.”
Audrey Todd, PhD, Founder, Food For Good Thought

“Thank you Effective Global for doing a great job on our  Facebook campaign.  You delivered the customers we wanted and to our amazement you did it under budget!  That is a first for us – working with a digital marketing company that delivers and does it without asking us for additional resources! Thank you for these past four excellent years of support in managing our total digital footprint.”
–Ralph & Charla Devine, Founders – Devine Farms