Mobile Solutions


Typically between 6-10  business days to create, design and write the mobile code.

The answer depends on the size of your company and the complexity of your desktop website. Most of our mobile solutions are between $700 and $1,200 with an annual renewal fee of between $350 and $500.

Our team has mobilized hundreds of websites and we have a wide range of clients. We would welcome the opportunity to provide you names and phone numbers for your own due-diligence.

Absolutely not. The Mobile solution is actually pulled from your Desktop site. When you update the Desktop it automagically updates the Mobile solution.

We make every attempt to maintain all of your branding unless you want us to refresh and update your site with an updated look. Many of our clients with older sites ask us to refresh and update their mobile and later engage us to refresh and rebrand their desktop site.

Within days of the Google search engines identifying your desktop as “Mobile Friendly” the steady decline down the rankings should start to be reversed. So generally, the answer is YES! Just as importantly when performing a Google search from a Smartphone, your site will be now identified as “Mobile Friendly”.

5 Important Reasons Why Your Website Needs an Awesome Mobile Solution

1. What do you do when a website doesn’t quickly load onto your phone? The Google algorithm penalizes your indexing and ultimately your rankings if you don’t render onto a Smartphone in less than 4 seconds.

2. How annoying is it when you can’t read the FONT? Do you really think anybody can read a 4 point font on a screen that is a total of 4 square inches?

3. A mobilized site is easy to navigate and helps you to quickly find what you need. SPEED is the key. It is also what your customers expect. They will not wait more than a few seconds for your site to display!

4. Your brand will be reinforced by every customer that can navigate and easily see the information on your mobile website. The more time they spend on your site the more your brand benefits!

5. The most profitable way to add sales is by getting your current customers to buy from you more often. A website that is mobile friendly is also customer friendly. It builds loyalty as your customers find the information they need, when they want it on their Smartphones.


The short answer is No!  Not unless you have an extra $20-40,000 dollars lying around and you’re prepared to spend 3 times that every year to keep your app and your brand front and center on that 4 inches of Smartphone screen real estate.

Wouldn’t it be easier to stick with your current brand – your own website rather than brand your current site AND a brand new App?  If you have the exception to the rule and your App commands that 4 inch screen because it’s as important as the other Icons on the Front of the Smartphone then go for it, but keep in mind you are diluting the brand recognition and your name reputation that you have worked on for years.  Be prepared to continually remind the world you have a new way to find you on your new App with a brand new URL.

If your current website were mobilized for a fraction of the cost it takes to build, brand, and market an App you wouldn’t need one.  That is the simple truth and the secret behind the App craze. It’s absolutely a fantastic marketing tool for the right companies, however, there are very few companies that command that loyalty from their clients or where the demand is there for a separate URL address.