Search Engine Optimization

Many firms perform SEO, and do it well. Here’s what makes our team special.

High success rate in getting our clients’ keywords on Page 1 of Google.

If we don’t think we’ll be successful, we won’t take you on as our client.

Deep understanding of marketing

Every engagement we accept is closely managed by our SEO Practice Manager, Bill Weil. Bill is a 30-year Marketing, 15-year Internet Marketing veteran. Beyond getting you on Google Page 1, we will focus on having visitors convert. It starts with an understanding of your business, and figuring out which messages will perform well for you, and extends to ensuring your navigation steers people to a meaningful call-to-action.

One-stop shopping

If desired, we can just perform your SEO. However, we can also take care of all aspects of your Internet Marketing. We can create and/or manage your website, create and produce video for your site, help with your social media marketing, and much more.

SEO → Visitors → Prospects → Conversion

You might be thrilled to be on Google Page 1 for your best keywords. Yet, if you do, and you don’t generate conversions, your enthusiasm will be short lived. With 30 plus years of marketing experience, we understand the whole picture and start thinking about conversions from the beginning. It’s all about having users convert to prospects and prospects to sales.

Constant research to keep up with latest trends

Google is a moving target. What worked last year doesn’t work this year. We regularly perform research to ensure we are up-to-date with the leading best practices.

More than just Google

Of course, we’ll do everything in our power to get you on Page 1 of Bing, Yahoo! and other major search engines. Realistically, with over 65% market share, the focus will likely be on Google.


A final consideration for your website is whether or not it was built for Conversion?  What is the specific action you want potential customers to take once they land on your site or your social media content?  We possess the expertise to help you re-think your conversion strategy. It’s no longer enough to get people to land on either your mobile or your desktop website.  Does your site convert to clients and customers?