Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web App Example
Progressive Web App Example

Progressive web apps (PWAs) offer much of the great features and functionality that come with apps absent the expensive development and installation costs.

Features include: Faster Loading, Simple Navigation & Push Notifications.

Building native apps is expensive and very time consuming.  AND there is the time, energy and effort to drive people to use your App.  The process of driving traffic to your online presence becomes much simpler with a PWA.

  • PWAs are highly linkable, so if you are adding your business to a local online directory or are featured in a publication and want to add a link to your website in the online version, you can direct them through to your PWA.
  • All social media profiles, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any one of the other platforms on the market, can also post links that direct your followers through to your branded PWA.
  • PWAs are fully indexed by Google, so in much the same way as a responsive website will appear in a user’s search results, your PWA will also appear in a Google Search.
  • Imagine how impressive it will look to the user when they land on your PWA from their search and rather than being faced with a slow loading website, they come across an instant loading, app-like experience that they would have expected to come from a traditional app downloaded onto their phone!
  • You can generate a Facebook Campaign Push to Google Search with the ability to obtain the PWA instantly without the time constraint of downloading a traditional App. PWA users DO NOT HAVE to visit the Google Play or the Apple App Store – nor will they have to deal with disclosures and privacy policies.
  • Your ability to use a PWA to provide push notifications allows you to keep your business top of mind and your customers informed of your latest offers, even when they aren’t using their mobile browser.

Summary of PWAs

  • Progressive Web Apps look and feel just like an native app or responsive website while combining the best in browser and smartphone technology.
  • Progressive Web Apps can be discovered through search engines like Google, providing greater online visibility for your business.
  • Progressive Web Apps go live as soon as you publish, meaning your new app can be accessed instantly from any device.
  • Progressive Web Apps use 25X less device storage and reduce overall data usage by over 80% on average, so customers will always have room on their home screen.

Effective Global Communications’ First PWA – an online guide to the American Family Therapist Academy’s (AFTA) annual conference.

Cost of Building and Promoting Traditional Mobile Apps

PWA’s cost a small fraction to develop as compared with traditional mobile apps.