Why Use Effective Global Communications, LLC

There are 100 reasons why our clients choose us. Here are six.


All our projects are managed by a true marketing professional with over 30 years of marketing experience and 20 years of web marketing experience.

Need It Soon

We deliver most websites (and other collateral) within a matter of weeks.

Highly Responsive

Many clients come to us simply because they are fed up with their current webmaster. They might wait several weeks just to get a simple change to their website, which we’ll typically make within a day.

Holistic Approach

Websites (and other collateral) should not be developed in a vacuum. All the pieces should be thought through, e.g., who the target audience is, what the right message is for this audience, what actions we want visitors to take, and so on. This requires a true marketing professional with many years of experience, not just a discount web jockey.

One Stop Shop

Many of our clients appreciate the fact that we not only help create and maintain their websites. We can also help with any aspect of marketing – branding and positioning, strategy, design, writing, newsletters, social media, print, TV, radio, billboard, and so on.

Cost Effective

Because of our unique approach, our costs are typically a fraction of the cost of a typical ad agency or web development shop.