Mobile Website

The “Mobile Everything” revolution has already happened. Using Smartphones is the #1 way everyone is obtaining their information from the internet.

Is your website mobile friendly? If not, for what are you waiting? Think about your own behavior in the past year – how many times have you accessed a website or done a Google search from your Smartphone?

Mobile Searches have surpassed desktop searches this year, having a website that works on Smartphones is no longer an option.

How important is the design of your mobile solution?  Screen space for a Smartphone is RADICALLY DIFFERENT compared to desktops, laptops and tablets. Designing for the initial first impression and usability is CRITICAL.  It’s a completely different medium and should NOT ATTEMPT TO REPLICATE YOUR DESKTOP. Converting the user to TAKE AN ACTION must happen as soon as they land!

Research shows that we all have completely different habits when using a Smartphone versus our other devices. This translates to custom designing your initial Smartphone rendering and NOT allowing a computer generated software program to determine your “responsive” design.  You know your business better than a generic software program especially when it comes to what people want the most when landing onto your website.  As a business owner think about what action you want them to take when they are on your Mobile website?  We custom design your mobile solution for that specific set of take action opportunities. 

How complex is it to render your website Mobile?  You say yes to working with us and within 4-6 business days we send you back 8-10 lines of code.  Your Webmaster with directions from us copies and pastes the code to our specifications.  Within 15 minutes your website renders for every make and model of Smartphone on the planet.  Yes – it is that simple.  We render mobile for over 22,000 devices and phone plans. If you want to stay with a “responsive solution” we recommend developing a “custom responsive solution”.

If you make changes to your website – those changes are automagically reflected on your mobile site.  Rendering your website mobile will not change anything on your company website.  This is only a mobile version and it’s only for Smartphones.  We do not recommend rendering mobile for any Tablets as they have plenty of screen space.

Before and After:  Please Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.



Our solution does not change one thing on your Desktop, Laptop, IPad, Tablet, PC or Netbook.  Each of them have enough screen space for your website.  Our solution only renders to Smartphones a distinct and unique Mobile design.  It’s all about maximizing the 4 inches of real estate that is immediately seen when your website is accessed. That is where you make your initial first impression.  Make it memorable and do it in a positive way!